WInter Starkness Reveals Hidden Beauty

I was walking my dogs on a familiar path. We had come here many times and passed by the same trees, now glistening with winter white snow. Things look different in winter. I notice things I never saw in the lush fullness of summer. Like the bird nest.    Its dark round shape contrasted with

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Dig Deep Where You Already Are.

 “There was once a beggar who used to sit and beg always in the same place. His ambition was to be a rich man: but he died poor. After his death it was discovered that under the spot where he had been sitting and begging for twenty-one years there was a buried treasure, containing jewels

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Babies: A Path to Peace Among the Nations?

I was not really into children when I arrived in Korea to begin a two year stint as a Peace Corps volunteer.  I was not one to notice babies or stop mothers on the street to admire their young.   My first priority in the countryside of Korea was survival. I needed to learn the

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The Destructive Front of Perfection

    During my spiritual direction internship it was common for us to send the retreat participant out for a nature walk along the wooded banks of a small creek. Inevitably, they would return with deep personal insights.    One woman shared with me, “I was looking at the ivy growing along the path. At first

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In the Wee Early Morn of Summer

  In the wee early morn of summer while humans and dogs still slumber I awaken to an orchestra of crickets and frogs.   I arise to my chair where I hear the grand fare and notice the progression of song.   In the distance an owl closer a robin begins her soliloquy.   But

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Do you know that caffeine moves us away from our center, chemically triggering stress and our fight or flight fear responses?

Affects of Coffee on Bone Density & During Pregnancy, Breastfeeding

If you are pregnant or hoping to become pregnant, here are the top reasons why avoiding coffee and caffeine during pregnancy is really important to the health of unborn babies. If you are having infertility issues or have had a miscarriage, here is the research on why you should avoid coffee and caffeine to increase

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Forgiveness Prayer

I ask forgiveness of anyone I have harmed, knowingly or unknowingly and I forgive anyone who has harmed me knowingly or unknowingly. May divine love and light surround us all so that we grow in wisdom and love every day until all our fears dissolve into compassion and joy.

Lead me into a way of life…

Divine Love and Light, Lead me into a way of life where I am not so fearful of my feelings. Dissolve in me the self hatred that I sometimes feel and help me to be honest with myself, knowing that I do not have to be happy all the time, or pretend to be, to

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