Introverts, Extroverts and the Holidays

Anyone who has had couples counseling with me knows that we are not all put together the same way. One of the major differences is how much we love being around a lot of people we don’t know. Extroverts thrive on it (depending on your degree of extroversion) and Introverts hate it (depending on your

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A Christmas prayer

Gracious and Loving Mystery We Call God, Gentle my wants and expectations this holy season and open my eyes to the quiet, sacred beauty of the earth. Remind me of who I am – your much beloved child. Grant unto me the courage to work for peace and justice, guided by compassion and wisdom in

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I am saddened when I hear of couples divorcing after years of marriage and, perhaps misery. I always ask, “Did they seek help?” Often the answer is, sadly, no. So here are some things in our lives that are cues for us to get some help, to learn new skills, and even to set out

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Tools for Mindfulness Meditation

“Experience the un-grasping of your mind” There is no short cut to mindfulness, present moment awareness or self awareness. It takes practice. But with practice comes the joy of noticing that you are integrating this new found awareness into your daily life! Mindfulness meditation helps us to become more centered, stable and less reactive in

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Tools for Emotional Clearing

Emotional Clearing is similar to the Inner Listening work I do but without the hands on energy work and the sessions are shorter (about 51 mins. each.) John Ruskan is a pioneer in the field (I used his book Emotional Clearing as a text book for an Inner Listening Class I taught.) John’s free 40

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Forgiveness – a way to bless ourselves and others

“The path to the temple is lined with suitcases filled with resentments and grudges.” When we walk the sacred path of aligning our lives with love and honoring the purpose of our souls, we become aware that the resentments and grudges we carry burden us far more than we ever realized. Our life journey is

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Only in winter do I get to see – February 2002

Only in winter do I get to see What my dog is sniffing On his walks with me.  Bunnies, deer, mice and opossum Have left tracks that must really  smell quite awesome.  His actions tell me there’s value in the find Of a tender morsel An animal left behind.  He wags and rolls and rolls

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In late September I sat – Oct 2006

In late September I sat barefoot, in my pajamas, on the front step of our home looking out into the night sky. Feeling the changing winds, I relished the warmth soon to pass. Crickets sang around me as maple and popular leaves rustled with each passing gust. I took it all in like I did

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The Cicada landed upon the dress – July 2006

The cicada landed upon the dress of the groom’s mother and began to sing.

This Christmas I wish you not a thing – Dec 2007

This Christmas I wish you not a thing – no fancy gift no expensive ring not even a toy of temporary joy   This Christmas I wish you so much less – less guilt and shame less resentment less fear less bitterness and pain   This Christmas I wish you what is very near –

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