Drugs in our Water Supply

It’s scary to think that we are ingesting anti-depressants, estrogen, testosterone, and numerous toxic prescription drugs just by drinking the water! Next time you see a drug ad on TV, ask yourself if it sounds safe enough for you, your children and wildlife to drink!

Short of not drinking water, which is not an option, what can we do?

1. Never put anything (drugs, cleaners etc) down the drain or toilet that might harm frogs, turtles, otters, muskrats and fish for whom the water is their home. This will keep us safer too. If you don’t want to swim in it, neither do they. Septic systems can filter biological human waste but no system filters out drugs and hormones.

2. Try natural ways of healing. Get to the core of the issue. Live a healthy, preventative lifestyle with meditation, yoga, therapy, prayer, healthy eating and exercise. It’s never too late to start.

If you have suffered a loss, take time to grieve. The anti-depressants the doctors so quickly prescribe only mask symptoms, they do not cure. In fact, every time I hear that someone went on a rampage and shot at innocent villagers or school children, I ask myself, “Were they on anti-depressants? If so, they might not even remember the violent incident. Do you want that kind of  drug in your system or in your water?

3. Sign petitions to end this silent Holocaust.

Frankly, it’s one thing to destroy all human life but to destroy the well being of the water which sustains not only us but all other life as well? That is a sin from which I don’t think we will recover if we continue as is. All I can say is “My God, my God, what are we doing to our blessed planet?” And for what? Quick fixes and corporate greed? How many millions of dollars is the destruction of our planet worth?



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