Forgiveness – a way to bless ourselves and others

“The path to the temple is lined with suitcases filled with resentments and grudges.”

When we walk the sacred path of aligning our lives with love and honoring the purpose of our souls, we become aware that the resentments and grudges we carry burden us far more than we ever realized. Our life journey is so much lighter, easier and enjoyable once we let go of them.
To enable the process of forgiveness, I will share a few basic truths I have discovered as I walk my own soul path. May they be a blessing to you on your journey.

Forgiving another is not the same as condoning hurtful words or actions. Forgiveness is however, a way to take responsibility for our own feelings. No one is to blame for how we chose consciously or unconsciously to feel. The feelings are our own.

Hurtful words or actions trigger feelings already in us that are surfacing so we can acknowledge them and do our own inner healing work.

Holding onto our victimhood and feelings of anger and resentment serves a purpose. Perhaps it gives us a sense of power. But it is a false sense because victims are not powerful, they are powerless.

Remember, victims tend to create more victims. Being a victim never heals another or our selves. Forgiving is a way to stop being a victim and take responsibility for our own feelings. It is the first step on the path to healing and true personal empowerment.

Hating some one does not make them a better person. People hurt others out of ignorance and fear. Sending them our anger only makes them more defended and fearful. And, being angry or resentful hurts us as well. We are feeding our spirits a sickly, toxic mix. Nothing good comes out of it. Just notice how your body feels the next time you act out of resentment or anger.

Everyone, including ourselves, is doing the best they can with what they have. Many people don’t have the life skills or insights to get beyond dysfunctional, hurtful behavior without help. Maybe they grew up with it and are just passing it along, acting out of fear and what is familiar, rather than out of love and what is healing for both themselves, others, the earth and all life.

The best we can do to one who hurt us is to bless them by sending them divine healing love and light. You can bless those who are living as well as those who have crossed over.

Remember, we become good at what we do every day. We can choose to love or to live in fear. What we feed in us will grow. We can grow in self awareness, compassion and love or we can grow in defensiveness, victimhood, blame, judgment and fear.

All we need to forgive is to acknowledge our intent and desire to forgive. Acknowledge the desire to set down those suitcases filled with resentments and grudges – if not today, then perhaps tomorrow. That is the first step. The rest will follow.

“I ask forgiveness of anyone I have harmed, knowingly or unknowingly and I forgive anyone who has harmed me knowingly or unknowingly. May divine love and light surround us all so that we grow in wisdom and love every day until all our fears dissolve into compassion and joy.”