I am saddened when I hear of couples divorcing after years of marriage and, perhaps misery. I always ask, “Did they seek help?” Often the answer is, sadly, no. So here are some things in our lives that are cues for us to get some help, to learn new skills, and even to set out on a path of compassion and spiritual growth.

1) When we are unhappy and blame someone else for how we feel. Blaming is yet another way we avoid painful feelings that need our acceptance for healing.

2) When we feel emotionally out of sorts, overwhelmed, stressed, depressed, anxious or irritable, – something is arising in us asking for our compassionate listening and presence. If you are too scared to be with it, get help. Inner Listening Therapy can get to the core, releasing the fear and teaching you the art of compassionate presence and self awareness.

3) When areas of our body feel burdened, heavy or painful and medical attention is not working. Energy from our emotions get trapped in the energy centers of our body when we are too fearful to feel and allow their release. This leads to excess stress and dis-ease. Inner Listening Therapy, Emotional Clearing and Yoga Therapy can help release the pressure of built up emotions.

4) When we are angry or feel trapped, worthless, helpless, discounted or unloved. Check out my free online Transforming Anger Booklet for some self help.

Divine Love and Light,
Lead me into a way of life where I am not so fearful of my feelings. Dissolve in me the self hatred that I sometimes feel and help me to be honest with myself, knowing that I do not have to be happy all the time, or pretend to be, to make others feel good, but just be real and honest with myself. Teach me to honor my feelings, love myself and walk the path of my soul so that I can truly honor and love others where they are and be a vessel of love and light, imperfections and all.