Affects of Coffee on Bone Density & During Pregnancy, Breastfeeding

If you are pregnant or hoping to become pregnant, here are the top reasons why avoiding coffee and caffeine during pregnancy is really important to the health of unborn babies.

If you are having infertility issues or have had a miscarriage, here is the research on why you should avoid coffee and caffeine to increase your chances for a viable pregnancy. And if you are nursing a baby under the age of 9 months, here is why you want to avoid caffeine becoming part of your breast milk.

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Teeccino Caffe, Inc. is a company that makes an herbal coffee substitute. The substitute can either replace our coffee or as I like to do it, add it to your morning brew. I do about 1/3rd or less coffee and 2/3rds or more Teeccino. Their Java or Hazelnut are my favorite. Teeccino can be found in most health food stores.
Their newsletter also carries coupons for the herbal coffee.