Changes bring about new opportunities to grow

Perhaps you have noticed the bright yellow-green moss that grew like crazy last fall. Its freshness stands out nestled among the tired grass and brown leaves visible under the melting snow. I discovered it on our walks around the summer cottages by the lake when it felt like I was walking on three inches of cushion. Much to my delight, the moss has also grown beside our pond.

 I’m not sure why we are blessed with such splendor by nature but my guess is that the lack of early snow and warmer temperatures gave the moss an opportunity to grow. Anywhere there is dampness and sunlight – moss! A beautiful gift to our external landscape happened because of a change in temperature.

 Changes can happen in our internal landscape as well. Some seem positive, others negative: death, divorce, job loss, a move, marriage, birth, illness both physical and mental, failures and successes.

 The key to being with change is to not resist the feelings change triggers. Loneliness, rejection, grief, powerlessness, abandonment, insignificance, betrayal, worthlessness and frustration, when felt, can hold great healing power for us. But if repressed, will turn into stress, illness, depression, self-avoidance and reactive, dysfunctional behavior. 

 Feeling is never a problem. The problem lies in our fear of feeling. Feelings will unfold and release as we are with them. But repressing feelings by not feeling, makes us feel stuck, trapped and angry.

 We all feel anger. But remember that anger is not a primary feeling. It is an emotional reaction to not wanting to feel. Under anger lies the feeling we need to embrace and allow to unfold and release in its own way. This work takes a lot of trust and this type of healing is always easier when we can surrender into the arms of a loving, healing Higher Power. What feelings lie under your anger? Being with these feelings will begin your healing process.

 It would be a shame to miss living because we feared feeling.

 Every change brings about new opportunities to grow the seeds of something lovely. And, like the moss of the earth, change will, in due time, cause to grow a new dimension of unexpected beauty within our interior landscape.