November Observation

November is a month of transitions and a time for thankful noticings.

 The beautiful melee of orange, yellow and red leaves that took our breath away in October, now blanket the earth and bring on the task of raking and mulching.

The leaves will serve as warm bedding for the nests of squirrels and mice. Bare tree branches stand out against the blues and grays of the autumn sky and the fall air is full of the delicious smell of shedding cedars and pines.

 The bright blue sky of October that was filled with brilliant, fluffy gray clouds refreshed our thirsty pond with rain and now promises the first snow of the season.

 Geese continue to be heard honking overhead in their migration south as He and She Ducky renew their yearly claim on our pond and quack assuredly for rice. They are welcome visitors along with the large snapping turtle who showed himself to us in mid October. I wonder if he will winter over in the pond?

 From my kitchen window I notice a tiny chickadee landing upon the head of a purple cone flower. The blossom is dead but it is clearly all the more appealing to our visitor who plucks out the long dark seeds in the cone one by one. I am thrilled at how something that seems to have has outlived its human usefulness, now provides a bountiful meal. I relish the opportunity to witness nature’s interconnectedness.  

 The summer people have closed up their cottages for the winter. It is quieter now on our dirt road and the dogs and I wander a little more freely beside the lake on our early morning walks. Docks are up on the shore and the view across the lake is back to its original splendor. The lack of boats is a welcome relief from the incessant hum of engines and the whine of sea dos.

 We are in transition too. I’ve finished up the weddings for the season and nature is weaning my husband from golf. There is now time for those last minute fall chores. But there is always time to be in the moment, to notice and be thankful.