Julie Chai
Transformational guidance for spiritual and emotional healing, growth, and understanding.

In-person Readings

Join me every Tuesday 11am to 7pm ET, beginning in May, at the Higher Self Book Store in Traverse City. Call Higher Self 231-941-5805 to sign up for a past life reading, aura healing, oracle card reading, or a clairvoyant reading and healing.

Celebrate the magnificence of your unique life. Release fear and pain, and live in alignment with your highest good.

Transformational Clinical EFT Tapping

(90 minutes)

As we tap together, we will be compassionately present to your emotions and experiences, accessing underlying causes, and transforming your perception of yourself and the world. Experience insights and discover how you can apply this inner wisdom to your life.

  • Reduce stress and anxiety to promote physical and emotional healing.
  • Access and heal core beliefs that sabotage your intentions and your ability to live your highest good.
  • Move out of victimization and drama into being the magnificent creator you are.
  • Learn to use effective visualizations and affirmations to compliment your tapping practice.

CLICK HERE for my Tapping Points Demo.

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Transformational Clairvoyant Readings

(60 minutes)

As I clairvoyantly read your energy, you may become aware of how your thoughts and resulting energy affect your life experiences. In your reading, you will ground and learn visualizations tools for working with your energy. A reading is fun, empowering, affirming, and often revitalizing.

  • Look at past lives influencing you today.
  • Explore the layers of your aura to discover and affirm the gifts, challenges, and potentials of each layer corresponding to your 7 in-body chakras.
  • Look at pre-life contracts you have made with people in your life and the higher learning your spirit intended to gain.
  • Bring a question or concern for us to discover what the greater purpose is behind your experience.

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Transformational Aura Healing

(30 minutes)

If you are feeling drained and in fear or pain, or just “not yourself,” an aura healing can help you to feel renewed.

The aura is the template for the physical body. You run best on your own unique energy. The less foreign energy in your aura, the healthier your body. An aura healing removes foreign energy causing confusion, fear, dizziness, anxiety, instability and dis-ease. Although personal experiences vary, after an aura healing, you may feel clearer, lighter, more grounded, present, and more like yourself.

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Transformational Oracle Card Readings

(30 minutes – in person)

Activate your own intuition with the ancient practice of an Oracle Card Reading!

  • Do you have a nagging question or need clarity on something in your life?
  • Would you like to know what your Higher Self, angels and guides want you to know that will benefit you now, on your life path?
  • A Four Card Spread looks at: Where am I now on my life journey? What is my greatest challenge? What will help me overcome my challenge? What is the outcome of overcoming this challenge?

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Treat your guests! On-Site Oracle Card Readings

For gatherings at your home, cottage, or a local resort in Leelanau or Grand Traverse County. Please plan my time with you to be before there is any heavy drinking. Feel free to call me to discuss your plans, cost, and schedule.

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“Through our sessions, Julie has helped me tap into a deep sense of calm, clarity, and empowerment within myself. Her gentle and intuitive guidance has allowed me to unravel and release emotional blocks that have been holding me back for many years, allowing me to move forward with greater ease and confidence.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Julie’s approach is her ability to help me uncover where forgiveness is needed (forgiveness of self or others) and understand the higher lessons for this lifetime.

I wholeheartedly recommend Julie. Her ability to facilitate healing and personal growth is truly remarkable.”
~ Melanie Young, Business owner, Victoria, Australia

“Julie is a wonderfully compassionate, insightful, and skillful clairvoyant healer… She has assisted me in healing, clearing, and integrating energy, which has increased my capacity for self-acceptance and has strengthened my own practice of these skills.” ~ Michelle, CA 2020

“I had a Clairvoyant Reading on Zoom and, an in-person Oracle Card Reading with Julie, and would highly recommend her as an amazing, insightful, clairvoyant healer.” ~ Lynn, MI 2021

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Julie Chai


Julie Chai

Clinical EFT Certified Practitioner – 2023
BPI Clairvoyant Program – 2021
Art of Spiritual Direction – 1992
Ordained PC (USA) – 1986
Masters of Divinity – 1985
Meditation Practice – since 1972