Feelings vs. Reactions:

        Feelings vs. Reactions:        Do you know the difference? Sometimes when I suggest to someone that they might need to feel  their feelings, they say, “Oh, I’m way too feeling already! That’s what  causes all my problems!” But are you really feeling your feelings? Do you know what you are feeling and is it ok to

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February 2006

February 2006 Idle Hours I wish for you the Quiet of a cabin, deep in the woods,  

April 2001

Voices from our pond so clear mingle with melting snow. Promises of life so dear in spring begin to grow. Tadpoles, horsetails, mint and willow call out in nature’s chant. Sacred sounds that resonate and in my heart still dance. From Walden Pond to my back yard, from the heart of God to mine. I

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Families First Monthly November 2003

In this Moment By J. Chai So much splendor, so much light the moon tonight is full and bright. The moon, bright as the early morning sun gentled me out of my  midnight dreams and urged me outside to notice the world in its light. The large clump of royal Japanese iris hold among its

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