Fulfillment Plus!

It was one of those beautifully warm fall days in late October. The glistening sun beaconed me to the window of my pottery studio to feel its warmth and admire the fluffy gray tinged clouds intermingling with bright blue sky. It was one of those days I describe as, “If I die I will already

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Flying Mice

When the sun kisses the trees and its getting harder to see  A strange thing begins  To happen to me   Something swoops past my ear And arouses some fear   Too fast for a bird At this time of night No flapping of wings Just a whoosh out of sight   The bats are

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The mother reached down

The mother reached down into the out stretched arms of the dark, curly haired little boy. So moved by the image, so universal in it’s scope, (was I in Korea, Iraq or Iran, Lebanon, Israel or Sudan?) I felt a lump well up in my throat. “Parents everywhere love their children, don’t they?” I said

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Summer Fullness

Sun shinning Rain falling Breeze blowing Neighbors visiting Children swimming Strangers walking Daisies rocketing Vines ripening Raspberries fruiting Fish fattening Frogs sunning Blue Heron hunting Mamma Duck quacking Squirrels snacking Dog, too tired, napping Nothing lacking

When spring is but a promise

When spring is but a promise, I remember the color of green and feel the warmth of the sun reflected in the melting snow.   I hear spring peepers and imagine tadpoles abundant on the grassy edges of our pond.   When the last snow falls (is it the last?) I welcome back the robins

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What if we really knew

What if we really knew that life is not about easy answers but how we live with the questions? That happiness is not the goal rather our ability to accept with compassion and equanimity all of our feelings? That the business of selling is not about how much we can scam from another but how

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Advise from the Inner Child

Frequently in my work with clients I come across the inner child – that often hidden, wounded part of us whose needs were not originally met. It is my hope that, by sharing these with you, your children will not have to seek therapy as adults, to heal wounds arising from needs which could have

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Good bye sister dragon fly

I was straightening up the bedroom one mid September morning when I noticed a large bug on the window screen. As I moved closer to see what it was I came within inches of the under belly of a huge dragon fly. I had never seen one from this angle before. Clearly visible were its

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November Observation

November is a month of transitions and a time for thankful noticings.  The beautiful melee of orange, yellow and red leaves that took our breath away in October, now blanket the earth and bring on the task of raking and mulching. The leaves will serve as warm bedding for the nests of squirrels and mice.

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Changes bring about new opportunities to grow

Perhaps you have noticed the bright yellow-green moss that grew like crazy last fall. Its freshness stands out nestled among the tired grass and brown leaves visible under the melting snow. I discovered it on our walks around the summer cottages by the lake when it felt like I was walking on three inches of

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