How to Love, Honor and Respect Mother Earth

In honor of Mother’s Day and Earth Day, I have asked 2 friends for their input on how we can love, honor and respect Mother Earth. I could not have said it better myself. Let’s start off with an amazingly beautiful poem.   Changed By Life by James Kelderhouse. Trees, creeks, gardens, lakes, and bluffs,

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Below  James Kelderhouse and Sandi McArthur answers the question “How would you encourage us to love and respect Mother Earth?” Changed By Life  by James Kelderhouse Trees, creeks, gardens, lakes, and bluffs, all touched by the sky are the special places I frequented often when I was a child, with a sense of wonder and

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Drugs in our Water Supply

It’s scary to think that we are ingesting anti-depressants, estrogen, testosterone, and numerous toxic prescription drugs just by drinking the water! Next time you see a drug ad on TV, ask yourself if it sounds safe enough for you, your children and wildlife to drink! Short of not drinking water, which is not an option,

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GMO’s, Pesticides in Food & Water

If we want to support the well being of the earth, we have no choice but to support organic agriculture and challenge GMO production and stores which carry Genetically Modified corn, soy beans and canola oil. If it’s not labeled “Organic,” chances are it’s GMO, especially corn, as Monsanto has a monopoly over corn seed

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Stonyfield Organic Farm Video

Check out these lovely videos from Stonyfield Organic Farm. They include a tour of their dairy with lots of time on the cows in the field, blue berry picking in Canada and a visit to Greece, introducing their new Greek Yogurt.