It’s not about the issue!!!

Do you remember what the issue even was in your argument say, a month ago? Most often we forget the issue but remember the pain of the conflict. Those of us who need to process verbally (the talkers) may remember feeling unheard, discounted, cut off, alone and in need of talking till we feel we

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Fracking info and action opportunities

To sign petition please click on the link below: Drillers Need To Clean Up Their Act – Drillers Need To Clean Up Their Act It’s hard to go a day without hearing something in the news about the consequences of the oil and gas drilling rush across the United States. The rush is due

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Fireworks – Educational Resources

The following articles and links go into depth about the toxic heavy metals in fireworks  and how they effect human health and  the effect  explosions from fireworks have on veterans, wildlife, and pets. I hope you will share this link so everyone can be informed and make wise, informed choices on the day some veterans

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Skilled Compassionate Listening tools

These tools are great for couples, groups, friends or in cases of conflict mediation. You can even use them to listen to yourself! Skilled Compassionate Listening Tools

God Bless the Honeybees….


Organic Farmers Take Monsanto to Court and Lose Court of Appeals Sides with Monsanto Over Organic Farmers by Elizabeth Renter June 12th, 2013 Updated 06/12/2013 at 2:13 am There have been numerous cases where Monsanto’s GM seeds end up drifting into organic fields. You would think that the organic farmer, if any party, could take some action, but Monsanto is actually the

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