Couples Communication

It’s not about the issue!!!

Do you remember what the issue even was in your argument say, a month ago? Most often we forget the issue but remember the pain of the conflict. Those of us who need to process verbally (the talkers) may remember feeling unheard, discounted, cut off, alone and in need of talking till we feel we

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Skilled Compassionate Listening tools

These tools are great for couples, groups, friends or in cases of conflict mediation. You can even use them to listen to yourself! Skilled Compassionate Listening Tools

Introverts, Extroverts and the Holidays

Anyone who has had couples counseling with me knows that we are not all put together the same way. One of the major differences is how much we love being around a lot of people we don’t know. Extroverts thrive on it (depending on your degree of extroversion) and Introverts hate it (depending on your

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