Julie Chai
Transformational guidance for spiritual and emotional healing, growth, and understanding.

Celebrate the magnificence of your unique life. Release fear and pain, and live in alignment with your highest good.

The Tapping Circle

Meets Every Monday 7 pm – 8:30 pm ET / 4 pm – 5:30 pm PT

We will tap on common themes participants would like to work on and there will be space for participants to personalize the words and feelings used in the tapping sequence.
This Tapping Circle is not intended to replace professional mental health services, but can work as a compliment to it. Everyone is welcome to tap with us. The first few minutes of each Tapping Circle will be an opportunity to ground and run our energy, celebrate our wins, review the tapping points if needed, and determine the direction our tapping session will take.
Julie facilitates a diverse experience, bringing in inner child healing, visualizations, and energy work.

By entering the Tapping Circle, you agree to hold Julie, her associates, and other attendees harmless for your personal experience. You agree that you own your own experience. You realize that tapping may bring up painful experiences or core beliefs asking for your loving attention, in order to heal and release. Julie guarantees no particular outcome as what participants experiences is unique to each person.

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Julie Chai


Julie Chai

Clinical EFT Certified Practitioner – 2023
BPI Clairvoyant Program – 2021
Art of Spiritual Direction – 1992
Ordained PC (USA) – 1986
Masters of Divinity – 1985
Meditation Practice – since 1972