I’m Covered in Labrador Love Feb 2005

I’m covered in Labrador love. I, under the comforter, my dog lies above. Stretched out on the bed, over my feet he lays his big, soft Labrador head. I’m covered in Labrador love.      

An Ode to You, Asparagus May 2004

An ode to you, asparagus, A friend suggested that I write – though Moon Dog doesn’t sell you, Deerings Market might.                                                                                                                               Of course you’re not as  famous as that morel mushroom guy – which people hunt like diamonds underneath the cool spring sky.                                                                                                            But this artist guy my  sister knew,  living in a

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Stress & Stress Reducing Tools

Stress and the Body Stress has been recognized as the number one killer and contributor to acute and chronic dis-ease. The AMA has stated that stress is the cause of 80% to 85% of human illness and disease. The process is simple. An event that triggers an emotional reaction releases adrenaline into the body. Adrenaline

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The Lotus Flower

The lotus flower in my pond sends it’s roots down deep and from the silent darkness come up blossoms ever sweet.

About the Mid Life Crisis

The main purpose of the midlife crisis is not to buy a red sports car and have an affair, but to help us integrate our repressed parts and become whole.  If we do our inner work at midlife crisis, we can look forward to entering our wisdom years at age 50. Our midlife crisis is

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A Whirlwind of Snow November 2010

When I die, I want to be a whirlwind of snow, if just for a moment, at my passing, gently twirling in the first snowfall of the season. A whirling, twirling energy of love and joy (for how else could I express what is deep inside and what we become fully in spirit?) I would

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Having Completed a Few Fall Chores Nov 2007

Having completed a few Fall chores   I took a moment to sit Under the beautiful Blue sky   Listening to the birds Singing   Watching the leaves Of yellow and crimson Falling   Feeling the sun’s Healing rays Warming   Smelling the wet soil’s Rich compost Decaying   Waiting for the first snow Flakes

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Do Unto Others Nov. 2005

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” (The best lesson my parents ever taught me.) Sitting in the comfort of our living room, bellies full from supper and dogs napping close by I turned to my husband and asked,   “If China invaded the USA because we have WMD’s , torture

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Still the Lilacs Bloom June 2004

Did we really think that war can be quick and painless or smart bombs bloodless and wise? (Wiser than those who sent them?) That soldiers and mercenaries caught up in hate would be loving or compassion would outweigh self righteousness and greed? Do you ever cry on a rainy day mourning as a mother whose

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What if We Really Knew? April 2004

What if we really knew that life is not about easy answers but how we live with the questions? That happiness is not the goal rather our ability to accept with compassion and equanimity all of our feelings? That the business of selling is not about how much we can scam from another but how

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