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Personalized Northern Michigan Weddings

Your wedding should focus on you and reflect your love and spirituality.

Your choice of wedding officiant is one of the most important decisions you will make.

Let me help you create a unique, meaningful, intimate Northern Michigan wedding ceremony. I offer non-dogmatic professionalism and experience, friendliness and a willingness to go out of my way to help.

How invested are you?

Your wedding is for one day. Your marriage is for a lifetime.
Let me help you nurture a healthy relationship for a lifetime of happiness.

$750 & travel includes:

Wedding rehearsal, ceremony officiation and 3 Sessions.

“Julie is insightful and very helpful. She knows her stuff. I liked that it felt like a spiritual experience, even though we aren’t ‘church goers.’ She was incredibly organized. Each meeting had a purpose and it all came together.” – Sean and Susan

Photo  of Rev. Julie, Karen and Tim by Elizabeth Conley 

“Our meetings with you were so intense. Tim and I really exposed some deeper rooms within ourselves. Our participation in creating the ceremony put weight and meaning to every line said. I want you to know how happy Tim and I were with our wedding ceremony. You did such a great job. You spoke with such enthusiasm and sincerity. You were just beautiful. I wish you could have heard all the compliments that came from our family and friends. I thought I would be too nervous to enjoy, or be present in our ceremony. Instead, I found it to be a comfortable, fun celebration…. I felt so familiar with everything that was said, having created it, that I was entirely at ease.” – Karen

Please feel free to give me a call to discuss any questions/concerns you may have regarding your Northern Michigan wedding ceremony and to arrange a free introductory meeting.  231-922-9699

How to fit in the Sessions? It’s pretty easy. I have worked with couples from all over the world and I have found that most couples need to come to the area to make arrangements for their wedding or to visit family. When you know you will be in the area, just give me a call and we can set up our meeting times. If necessary, all 3 sessions can be completed in a weekend.

Session 1:

Co-creation of your ceremony is a fun way to create your Personalized Northern Michigan Wedding. It will be a ceremony that is uniquely you and focused on your love. We do this in my office. This is not a fill in the blanks over the phone kind of experience.

I use my seminary training, pastoral experience, spiritual direction training and intuitive awareness to:

– Help you explore what you love about each other so much that you want to spend the rest of your lives together. This becomes part of your ceremony.

– Honor not only your love, but your guests as well. No one, in ceremonies I officiate, will be looking at their watch wondering when they can have a drink because the ceremony is boring and does not include them. Your guests are important to you and this is an opportunity to give them an intimate, loving and joy filled heart opening experience. I know how to do that. Your guests will be glad they came to the ceremony and feel better because of it!

Together, we will create what your guests will describe as “so you” and “the best wedding I’ve ever attended.”

“We have so enjoyed working with Julie on our upcoming wedding ceremony. She has a welcoming demeanor and guides the sessions in a comfortable, serene environment. We appreciate her insight, enthusiasm and hospitality. Wedding planning isn’t always easy, but we’ve enjoyed the time spent with Julie and are completely comfortable with her officiating our ceremony! We’re looking forward to our upcoming sessions.” – Krista and Mike after 1st session February 2017

“This was the most unique, awesome wedding I’ve ever attended!” – Tina Martin

Dear Julie, Del and I can’t thank you enough for making our wedding ceremony as heartfelt, genuine and real as we had ever hoped. Wow! You did a magnificent job putting us all at ease and drawing the guests into the ceremony. You have received countless compliments from our friends and family. We deeply appreciate your talents. We miss spending time with you.

~ Much love, Molly and Del

“I just wanted to tell you how much I LOVED working with you. I am impressed with your process and grateful that we found you…. Your work made our ceremony so special and personal… We received several comments that we had the most tender, personal and touching ceremony that people had ever seen!”- Carole Amber

“…Everyone commented on how unique and personal the ceremony was. We are grateful for such precious memories with family and friends.” -T
A year after her wedding, I saw T at the beach as I was waiting to do a rehearsal. She said, “People are still telling us they loved our wedding.”

“We are still basking in the glory of that great day. It was a day more joyous, more meaningful and more fun than we dreamed possible. We thank you again for your part in it. You did a beautiful job, and, of course, Scott and Aisha agree.

~ Love, Julie and Billy

Session 2:

Discovering how you are put together and what you need to feel loved, safe and honored in your communication dynamic.

This is not your typical premarital counseling session. We don’t just explore issues. Using my unique skills and gifts, we will explore how you are put together, how you function and the resulting dynamics of your communication.

Though many premarital couples think they are similar, most are not. One might be introverted, the other extroverted. One might be goal oriented, the other process oriented. One might need to talk problems out to get their answer while the other might need time to think things through alone. All these differences create discomfort and conflict when we assume what each other feels, means or needs based on what we feel, mean or need. Assuming you are “just alike” is a big, common mistake and tells me that one or both of you are accommodating the other and denying the pain of the dynamic because you love each other so much. But the pain will only get worse as time passes. These differences, when not explored, understood and honored account for the 50% divorce rate. This is why I do not officiate ceremonies without the sessions.

At the end of Session 2, most couples feel relieved and are ready to practice a new, healthy dynamic that honor both themselves and the other. Not only that, but the skills you learn here allow for a happier, more fulfilled life and transfers over into your relations with family, friends and work life as well!

“We are still using the techniques you taught us. You saved us 30 years of trying to figure this out!” – Michelle, at another wedding, about 3 years after I officiated Bill and Michelle’s marriage ceremony.

“….the time we spent together in our sessions really helped us to understand what we both wanted in our marriage and what we’re willing to attempt to try!” –Carol

“We found the work we did very valuable, especially session 2 on communication. Your energy creates a safe, loving place that made us feel very comfortable.”

~ Sonya and Andrew

Session 3:

Creation of your personalized vows based on sessions 1 and 2.

Using what we you shared in session 1 and the discoveries you now have from session 2, I give you a framework to create meaningful, concrete personal vows.

These are not the vague personal vows you often hear at weddings that put one to sleep. These are relevant, giving your guests the opportunity to reflect on their own vows and the love they hold dear in their own lives.

After the ceremony, guests often come up to me and ask, “How did you get them to write such meaningful, personal vow?” To which I reply, “We did our homework.”

“Your guidance and support were wonderful. The vows we prepared with your assistance are as true today as they were 2 years ago. We continue to revisit them as a reminder of what each other most needs and desires from the other.”

~ Molly & Dell

“Thank you for performing such a beautiful ceremony. So many people have told us it was the best one they have ever been to!….We really enjoyed spending time with you.”

~ Love Lindsay and Kris

“We loved the whole experience. Fantastic preparation and creative style! You helped us bring out the best in each other! Session 2 was informative and educational. I loved the way our vows turned out and how we explored each other to get there.”

~ Karen and Jeff

“Three years after you married us, people are still telling me on an almost weekly basis that ours was the best wedding they have ever attended.”-Eric

“I’ve had many people tell me that they thought our wedding was perfect and very “us”. Every time we run into our one friend, if she is with someone I don’t know, she introduces us as, ‘…the couple whose wedding I was telling you about.'” -Carol

“……we still get compliments on how beautiful our ceremony was – you do a truly amazing job!”

~ Cory and Emily