A Whirlwind of Snow November 2010

When I die,

I want to be a whirlwind of snow,

if just for a moment, at my passing,

gently twirling in the first snowfall of the season.

A whirling, twirling energy of love and joy

(for how else could I express what is deep inside

and what we become fully in spirit?)

I would turn and twirl down Front Street,

when the lights are shining

in the leafless trees,

and touch your face

with gentle wisps of snow.

So that you remember

what it is like to feel unfettered,

like an innocent child

who is hopeful,

knowing that life has promise,

that this sacred earth will support you

and that your soul has wings.

And perhaps you will let go

of the fears that bind you in unhappiness

and quiet your restless mind long enough

 to feel and listen

to what is deep inside of you

like a whirlwind of snow –


just waiting to dance.