Do Unto Others Nov. 2005

Nov2005carrot“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

(The best lesson my parents ever taught me.)

Sitting in the comfort of our living room,

bellies full from supper and dogs napping close by

I turned to my husband and asked,


“If China invaded the USA because

we have WMD’s , torture prisoners,

invade other countries, threaten more

and contributed to the death of over 100,000

with countless more wounded for life;

if they saw us as unrelenting terrorists

and overthrew our government today,

would we be going to work in the morning?


If Traverse City were bombed

and they began pumping water from the Great Lakes

for use overseas;

if utilities were disrupted,

could we still heat our home?


Would Tom’s and Meijer’s still be open

doing business as usual?

Would we even have money to buy food?

Would we scavenge the last carrots and potatoes

left in the garden, under the first snow?


Would the reds and oranges of the fall leaves

seem as brilliant or the snow on the cedars

as dazzling? Or even more so?


Would we join the resistance

or take in orphaned kids

and head north to live off the grid?”


“We would be in survival mode,” he replied.


“That is what it must be like for people in Iraq,” I

“I know,” he said

as if it has been
weighing heavily upon his conscious too.