Families First Monthly November 2003

In this Moment
By J. Chai

So much splendor, so much light
the moon tonight is full and bright.

The moon, bright as the early morning sun
gentled me out of my  midnight dreams
and urged me outside
to notice the world in its light.

The large clump of royal Japanese iris
hold among its graceful leaves
large, sturdy, dark seed pods
where once delicate flowers bloomed.

Cedar and pine trees silhouetted by the light
stand firm and quiet
familiar friends
on this journey of life.

Under the canopy of the maple tree
gracing the entrance to our home
I am safe, sheltered, blessed
and filled with gratitude.

Here, in the sacred gathering of trees
and midnight shadows
washed in the love of creation
filled with the joy of being
and grateful to be alive
I am already in heaven.