Good bye sister dragon fly


I was straightening up the bedroom one mid September morning when I noticed a large bug on the window screen. As I moved closer to see what it was I came within inches of the under belly of a huge dragon fly. I had never seen one from this angle before.

Clearly visible were its eyes and mouth. And for the first time I saw the place where the legs connect to its body, invisible when seen from above.

The fall wind was beginning to blow through our window. It was warm but had a hint of coolness to it. The dragonfly was clinging to the screen. I could see where its tinny toes were holding on to the small square sections of our screen.

For a moment I was caught in wonder and awe. So delicate, so intricate. I was aware of how our lives had come together and at the same time of how, like the screen, there was a separation between us. For with the coming of the colder weather, the life of this marvelous creature would soon be over.

Oh come spring, I would see more dragonflies, but never this exact one again. Its life is a unique event upon the earth. One I was privileged to share for just a brief moment.

The changing of the seasons brings about many good byes. The green maple leaves, bull frogs and turtles, the summer cottage people, the traffic, Friday Night Lives, zucchinis and tomatoes in the garden. Robbins will be taking flight as will the ducks who visit our pond unless they decide to hang out at the Boardman River.

Fall is a time when some of us become more lively and others more sad. It’s really all about how we deal with change. Do we try to keep things just as they are and grasp it tightly out of fear or do we allow the flow of life and trust her process?

As much as fall is a dying and a letting go, it is also a hello. Hello to the sound of honking geese flapping their wings over head. Hello to burnt orange, yellow and red maple leaves. Hello to new classmates and the renewal of old friendships. Hello to cooler weather, warm fires and the promise of beautiful white snow flakes.

This time of year reminds us that nothing remains the same. Today is not yesterday nor will it be tomorrow.

If we are wise, we will remember to treasure our days and the people and creatures filling them. Then there are no regrets no matter how great the change or how deep the loss.