An Ode to You, Asparagus May 2004

asparagus1An ode to you, asparagus,

A friend suggested that I write –

though Moon Dog doesn’t sell you,

Deerings Market might.              


Of course you’re not as  famous

as that morel mushroom guy –

which people hunt like diamonds

underneath the cool spring sky.          


But this artist guy my  sister knew, 

living in a New York loft –

spent years of his life painting              

your phallic asparagus stock.                             


So now your portrait’s hanging

in some rich New York penthouse –

and all who see it envy, “Oh my!”

then blush, quiet as a mouse.


But for me, the way I know you best,

and upon which all can agree

is that every time I eat you,

I’ll soon smell asparagus pee.