Flying Mice

When the sun kisses the trees

and its getting harder to see

 A strange thing begins 

To happen to me


Something swoops past my ear

And arouses some fear


Too fast for a bird

At this time of night

No flapping of wings

Just a whoosh out of sight


The bats are back!


Eating insects on the fly

Their swooping forms fill the sky


With wetlands and water

So close to our home

You would think the mosquitoes

Would cause us to moan


But a couple of bites

is all that we get

Since these flying mice

Keep the insects in check


And when the sun brightens the day

The bats return to their stay


Between the boards

of our garage wall

Hanging upside down

They’re sure not to fall


Below on the ground

A pile of poop

Tells me they eat well

On their nightly swoop


And sometimes I’ll hear

As I paint on my pots

A baby bat murmur

So I smile a lot


And for all these years

I have never come to regret

My friends the bats

I’ve come to respect.