One Summer Afternoon

Wild sweet peas in shades of vibrant pinks

mingle with tall grasses

along the unmown roadway.

A young snapping turtles dark green shelled body

is visible inching across the road

I pull over and move him along to the other side.

Water, hills and sky of indigo, greens and forget-me-not blue

mingle with the late afternoon sun

on top of the mountain where the wedding takes place.

Flowers of purple and orange adorn the bridal bouquet

stunning against poufs of wedding white

the groom, misty eyed, watches her elegant approach.

Bright summer dresses tied back with ribbons

adorn little girls, eager to greet the bride

and find their own bouquets among the wild flowers.

Family and friends mingle in the pause before dinner

I meet them, giving thanks for friendly hearts

and kind words and I greet you, the reader.

Sweet and satisfying, a milkshake of rich dark chocolate

compliments the afternoon as I drive home

to those I  love, much richer myself, for the day.