Only in winter do I get to see – February 2002

Only in winter do I get to see

What my dog is sniffing

On his walks with me.

 Bunnies, deer, mice and opossum

Have left tracks that must really

 smell quite awesome.

 His actions tell me there’s value in the find

Of a tender morsel

An animal left behind.

 He wags and rolls and rolls some more

To come up with a fragrance

 I truly abhor.

 “Oh you naughty boy!” I yell, shaking my head

“You’re not getting that smell

all over my bed!”

So at home he obliges and jumps in the tub

Shampoo and water

Scrub a dub-dub.

 His soft Labrador coat now shiny and bright

With a fragrance less natural

He smells just right!