Rev. Julie Chai
Awaken your divine inner light
heal the planet, one person at a time.

Coaching for spiritual and emotional growth, awareness, and understanding.


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Oracle Card Readings for On-Site Events

$120 downpayment covers the 1st hour, then $90/per hour.

Treat your guests with On-Site Oracle Card Readings!

For outside gatherings at your home, cottage, or a local resort in Leelanau or Grand Traverse County. Please plan my time with you to be before there is any heavy drinking. Feel free to call me to discuss your plans, cost, and schedule.

Contact Julie to make arrangements.


Workshops and Groups – Learn On-Line!

Workshops for Compassionate Self-awareness, Presence, Serenity, Love, and Joy.

Explore your dreams, transform anger, and understand the dynamics of your communication process as you learn tools for self-awareness and present-moment living, in a compassionate and fun environment.

Workshops will be available on my Workshop website:

Julie Chai

Let your light shine…

Rev. Julie Chai


Rev. Julie Chai

Meditation Practice – since 1972
Masters of Divinity – 1985
Ordained PC (USA) – 1986
Certificate in the Art of Spiritual Direction – 1992
Premarital Counseling & Inner
Inner Listening Coach – 1986 to Present
Graduate BPI 2-year Clairvoyant Program – 2019 to 2021