Mindfulness Based Couples Counseling


Jim and Janice

I offer a unique, Mindfulness based form of marital counseling and counseling for couples seeking greater understanding and self awareness.

Marital conflict is an opportunity to grow, to be present to our fears and the needs which lay beneath our fear and anger.

It is an opportunity to gain new insights and learn tools for communication so that we care for ourselves and honor each other and our differing needs.

It is an opportunity to move beyond rejection, resentment and festering (probably very old) pain and develop greater understanding, love and intimacy both for ourselves, each other and the world

As a counselor, I don’t take sides. It’s not about winning or losing, but understanding what the needs are and how to get them met while honoring you both.

Mindfulness based marital counseling and counseling for couples: $60/hr.

Most sessions 3 hours $180. Come prepared to grow! Call Julie 231-922-9699

Way too often couples hesitate to get the help they need on their marital journey. Maybe they figure they “should” be able to do it on their own (if you could have, you would have) or they fear judgment (they are already judging themselves) or they just find it easier to blame their partner (escape) than do their own inner work.

I once asked an older woman who had been married for over 50 years what their secret was to a long, healthy marriage. She said, “Love softens the edges.”

It is so simple and so true.  And so is this; our fears create the edges that love, in time, will soften. But sometimes we need help.

Throw in a new perspective, compassion, skilled non-judgmental listening, and a new set of tools for self awareness, taking care of yourself and communicating with your partner and your relationship may feel a thousand pounds lighter.

julie-circle-2 When each person in a relationship feels loved and respected, it’s okay to have different needs or opinions. And, it’s easier to find a middle ground if needed.

 Let me know if I can help you grow. Call 231-922-9699