Creating and Using Your Sacred Healing Space

  1. Find your sacred space in your home. Delegate a comfy sofa or lazy boy type chair as your “magic chair” for inner work and healing.  Make sure there is a warm blanket for cover.
  2. Tell God you will be doing your healing work and ask God to hold you in the process. Invite your angels to work with you for your healing and highest good.
  3. Sprits the space with lavender or other natural scent such as vanilla or bring a plant or flower or other symbol or object to the dedicated space if you so desire.
  4. Make yourself a cup of Chamomile or other soothing tea.
  5. Put on very loose clothing and do some gentle stretches or yoga.
  6. Go to the bathroom to pee so that is not a distraction.
  7. Return to your sacred healing space. Take in the beauty of it and feel its healing energy.
  8. Sit and as you drink your tea, notice yourself sitting, drinking tea. Feel the warmth of the cup and allow yourself to be with your feelings, no matter what they are. Perhaps calling to mind what is troubling you but not grasping on to it, simply being present to the feeling of it.
  9. When you have allowed yourself to feel your feelings, set the tea aside, if you haven’t already and lay down, covering yourself with the blanket.

10. Say to your angels and to God, “Here I am. Please do whatever healing work I need” and release yourself into their loving care.

11. Breathe deeply from your belly during this time. That is your only job. Let your mind relax and focus on your breathing.

12. Let yourself go into a deeper state, perhaps sleep or just before sleep. Trust that they are working energetically with you to release what needs to be released, filling you with love and bring you into healing balance.

13.  When this work feels completed, give thanks, take time to reflect and journal and honor your experience, breathe, than go about your day/night.

(An Inner Listening session may make this exercise easier to do.)