Fulfillment Plus!

It was one of those beautifully warm fall days in late October. The glistening sun beaconed me to the window of my pottery studio to feel its warmth and admire the fluffy gray tinged clouds intermingling with bright blue sky. It was one of those days I describe as, “If I die I will already be in heaven.” This feeling heightened when I slid open the window to reveal the smell of warm sun on the old painted wooden windowsill.

I remembered that smell from my grandmother’s house and it always brings a sense of contentment, wonder and appreciation. I stood there for a while, breathing deeply and giving thanks for the simple beauty of my life in this moment.

Potting was easy that morning. The large ball of smooth wet porcelain clay seemed to center itself and in no time I had pulled three sets of large bases, balls and platforms for unity candleholders, used in weddings. Later, when they were just right I would attach the pieces and add mauve, purple, yellow and green stained clay shaped into roses, lilacs and leaves.

I was working on another base when the phone rang. I could barely make out the fast talker on the other end. It sounded like, “HelloI’mfrom FwoowooPluscallingonbehalfof yourlocalserviceprovider blahblahblah….”

Normally I say no thanks and hang up. But I asked her to repeat herself. I’m fromFulloowooPluscallingonbehalfof yourlocalserviceprovider andwehaveforyouacoupontowardsacallerID.” I still couldn’t make it out. “Who are you?” I asked somewhat annoyed by now. Same answer. I tried again “What company are you working for?” Same answer. “Full what?” I asked again. “Fulfillment Plus.”

She finally spoke so I could understand. “And we are calling on behalf of your local service provider and we have for you a coupon towards a caller ID…..” I now had the words but the meaning was missing me. I was somewhat incredulous. “Fulfillment Plus? Did you really say Fulfillment Plus?” “Yes I did and we are………….”

She must have been getting a little frustrated with me by then. I couldn’t get beyond the fact that there was a company called ”Fulfillment Plus” doing direct marketing offering a caller ID. The implication that a caller ID (or anything else) would bring me fulfillment was a little hard to ignore. As was the fact that the caller had no idea that fulfillment was exactly what I was experiencing when she called to offer me the devise.

It seemed ironic, strange and comical at the same time. Fulfillment in a caller ID. Fulfillment is what we want. We just don’t realize that it is already here.  All we need do is stop trying to purchase it and seek it “out there” and begin to live right where we are, in the fullness of each moment. I wondered how many people went for the caller ID because they subconsciously desired “fulfillment plus!”

The clay I was working on was now beyond repair. I dumped it into the recycling bin and walked over to the window and took a long deep breath. The sun had gone behind the clouds and caste an unusual sheen upon the earth accenting the fall colors. My dogs were content lying outside under a large white pine in a soft bed of fallen needles. It’s late October but it somehow seems like Christmas. It often does in the fullness of the moment.  Perhaps this is heaven after all.