Reflections on Fear, Love and the Role of Inner Healing

Unconditional love is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and the world.


None of us can expect the world to be a better, more loving place if we do not do the necessary inner healing work to be more loving ourselves. After all, what is outside of us is a mirror of what is inside. Like it or not, the outer world is a mirror of our capacity to love and how much we are motivated by fear.  Just trying to change the fearful behavior of others will not change us or the world for the better.


Fear can become habitual and we don’t even realize it (so be kind to yourself!)


We are not built physically, emotionally or spiritually to run on fear. When we fear, our fight or flights kick in and our digestive system goes on hold causing physical digestive problems, chronic muscle tightness, heart problems, emotional problems, a lack of presence, and reactive, fear based thinking. Fear can cause us to repress our deeper feelings, leading to emotional outbursts, anger, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders and general unhappiness. We are not able to be our true, loving selves and honor our soul path when we live in fear.


The energy of fear is sharp, chaotic and fast moving. It is tightly compacted and causes us to become not only emotionally disconnected but physically dysfunctional as the cells in our body are energetically weakened, rather than vibrant.

In contrast, love is a peaceful, calm, loose, flowing, reassuring energy. It connects us to our soul and to the Mystery We Call God, Goddess, Divine Spirit, All That Is….. Love is about being present and not reactive. Love is wise beyond thoughts and love connects us to all life, because love is the core of all life.


It is too much to assume that we can be loving at all times. But we can learn to notice when fear kicks in and be present enough with ourselves to do our healing work, compassionately moving ourselves out of a state of fear and into a state of love and grace.

May the energy of love surround you, fill you and bless you with compassion, serenity and peace.