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“I’ve watched so many tapping videos on You Tube and nobody is as amazing as you. You combine meditation, past lives, inner child work, and subconscious states, all in one!.” ~ NS Georgia.

“Julie Chai is the real deal!!  I would recommend her gifts of intuition, her psychic abilities, and her natural way of educating, to anyone seeking guidance.  Julie gave me an Oracle Card Reading and healing yesterday. I was amazed at the clarity I received, regarding what has been preventing me from the love I desire, as well as what is needed to clear those blocks.  I am excited to say, her final revelation, showed me the results of this clearing.  It was confirming, that the inner work that I have been doing, is right on course, and rejuvenation and new beginnings are soon to follow.” ~ LeeAnne Smith, Mazatlan, Mexico

“I have had a Clairvoyant Reading on Zoom and, recently, had an in-person Oracle Card Reading with Julie, and would highly recommend her as an amazing, insightful, clairvoyant healer.

Julie has bountiful talents as a teacher, listener, and helper.  Julie gives valuable information, tools, and insights, in a warm, caring, compassionate, and comfortable space.  I highly recommend Julie as a healing guide and mentor.” ~ Lynn, MI 2021

“Julie is a wonderfully compassionate, insightful, and skillful clairvoyant healer. She is gifted in facilitating energetic healings, auric readings, and integrating wounded energetic aspects of oneself that need attention and love. She does this in a safe, loving, and respectful manner. I recommend her highly as a healing guide and a mentor.

“She has assisted me in healing, clearing, and integrating energy, which has increased my capacity for self-acceptance and has strengthened my own practice of these skills.”
 ~ Michelle 2020

“I found your reading to be incredibly affirming. You reinforced the feelings I have had for years. You gave me some valuable information and insights which I will hold dear for the next few years and beyond.” ~ Rhonda 2019

“I feel so grateful that I have had the opportunity to work with Julie. Her patience and warmth have helped me go deeper into places that I have not been able to reach in therapy. I still frequently reflect on insights I’ve gained during a powerful and healing rebirthing process. In another session working with my inner child, I came away with a newfound love and tenderness for myself. I felt seen and supported in our work together and Julie always provides tools that I can use to continue my own work. Did I say that I’m so grateful and just love her?! :)”
 ~ Jess D | Oakland, CA 2020

“I had requested a session with Julie because I had been wrestling with an emotional issue for a couple of weeks. Through quiet contemplation and prayers for help, I had managed to go deep enough to identify what I believed was my root cause of this night time consuming anxiety and sleeplessness.

Identifying and conquering this issue, or letting go, was another matter. And, because this issue was so intense for me, I wanted a “safe and sacred” place to explore. I shared with Julie on what I wanted to focus.

During the session, however, I identified an earlier childhood traumatic experience. With Julie, and spiritual help, the recognition and release of this was quite wonderful. I was filled with joyful energy and felt an amazing integration and solidity of self. The energy and lightness I feel, even today a couple weeks later, is a blessing.” ~ CB, Michigan 2020

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Julie Chai


Julie Chai

Clinical EFT Certified Practitioner – 2023
BPI Clairvoyant Program – 2021
Art of Spiritual Direction – 1992
Ordained PC (USA) – 1986
Masters of Divinity – 1985
Meditation Practice – since 1972