Listening to our Dreams

Listening to our Dreams

Dreams are said to be the messengers of the soul.

Listening to our Dreams offers understanding of the metaphorical meanings of dreams and using them for continued personal and spiritual growth.

We take turns sharing present or past dreams which still hold power for us. Using the “if it were my dream technique,”  we offer possible insights into each dream, allowing the dreamer to take what fits and receive insights they might not otherwise have.

Working with the dreams of others moves us out of any personal fears attached to the dream, allowing for greater insight and compassion. Participants can learn to use this technique with their own dreams.

The dream workshop allows every member of the group, the dreamer and those offering insights, to use the metaphor of the dream for personal understanding and growth.

The intention to honor our dreams plays a powerful role in the dream group and in each individuals relationship to their own dreams.

Participants are encouraged to keep a dream journal and to bring it both for sharing when desired and for noting new insights.