Transforming Anger

Transforming Anger Workshop

Whatever feelings we repress are the ones running our lives.

Transforming Anger is a workshop which helps us access the feelings and needs underneath our anger.

Anger is normal. It is also a reaction to feelings we have repressed and fear which are triggered in daily life. Too often we react to anger by repressing it (so as to be nice) or expressing it (getting it out – for a moment anyway, often with later regret) and by avoiding others who are feeling anger. But do we really need to fear anger? If we knew that underneath our anger is a very small inner child who feels unsafe, helpless, worthless or unloved, would we be so afraid?

By learning techniques to discover our feelings and be present to the inner child asking for our attention, we no longer have to be angry, but can acknowledge the feelings which lie beneath it. Healing anger by accessing hidden feelings frees up our energy and and allows us to be more present to ourselves and to others.